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Michael Kole
Michael Kole

At the age of six, to get him out of his mother's hair, Kole was placed in the hands of Tony, the shoemaker. Tony, put him to work grinding leather soles and nailing on heels. His life craft had begun.


Before Kole's 17th birthday he was selling leather goods in school, and opened his own store in the afternoons. By age 20, Kole became a designer for a new leather company and his designs were sold worldwide.


Kole started development of his holsters in the 1970s, primarily for his own use. Soon, requests for his pistol leather were growing. Kole later chose a career at sea as a ships master and carrying a side arm every day became common place. His duty style holsters went through many development changes, in order to meet his own high standards of safety, demanding performance, and comfort.


The challenge of carrying his full size 1911 on duty led to his first concealment model. Captain Kole is now retired from the sea and resides in the Colorado Rockies. His intentions now are to provide you with the highest level of safety, reliability, stealth, fit, performance, and comfort you will ever have for your sidearm. Pride in his craftsmanship and dedicatd attention to detail, create custom leather products that are both functional and beautiful. Own one for yourself and find out why Kole's customers keep returning.