1911 5"

Leather Holster made in the U.S.A.

This Stingray Imprint custom holster is unique and comfortable. This handcrafted leather holster is designed to fit your 1911 for years to come.  This holster is available in all 5" semi - automatic pistols.  The Stingray imprint is embossed at 4,000 lbs per square inch, resulting in a detailed pattern of the Stingray hide.  

If this color or style doesn't suit you just let us know and we will customize it to fit your need.

Price $125.00
Order yours today at (970) 819-4465

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Leather Color Chart

Please select a color below.
These are representations of each color. Colors may vary due to your computer screen and actual leather.

Black Leather Holster
British Tan Antique Rub Leather Holster
British Tan Antique Rub
Dark Brown Leather Holster
Dark Brown
Dark Ox Blood Leather Holster
Dark Ox Blood
Mahogany Leather Holster
Mediuim Brown Leather Holster
Mediuim Brown
Saddle Tan Leather Holster
Saddle Tan
Sandstorm Leather Holster
Solid British Tan Leather Holster
Solid British Tan

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