Couldn't Be Happier!

I received my holster and belt and couldn't be happier with the quality.

Thank you for your diligence and craftsmanship


I would have waited twice as long!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. When I received the holster you made for my Ruger Alaskan, I knew it was beautiful. However, I knew it was a great holster and an incredible piece of leather when I took it backpacking 5 miles and 12,000 feet up into the mountains. From the moment I pulled it out of the shipping box, I knew it was heirloom quality and I knew this holster--the holster you made--would be inseparable from my sidearm, on all trails.


I know you've dealt with your own tribulations as of late and I am grateful for your craftsmanship and your dedication.It may be a small thing but I will cherish this piece that you have created for the rest of my life. You have indeed created and delivered a fine piece of craftsmanship. I would have waited twice as long to be blessed with the level of workmanship that you have delivered. I proudly wear this holster now, and will do so for a all the years to come.


Thanks again,

Very Thoughtfully Built

Mr Kole,
Thank you for the fine work on the holster you made and sent me last week. It's perfectly functional and very thoughtfully built. I will treasure it.
Glenwood Springs

Three Day Traning & Lots Of Use!

Greetings Michael,
I wanted to let you know that in January I went to the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire for three days of handgun training.  The training was excellent. I shot over 700 rounds, which meant that the holster you made for my P-225 got a lot of use.  It was just perfect.  It fits me perfectly, very smooth, and now I've used it enough to appreciate the subtleties in the design.  I really appreciate your fine work, and your advice as we worked up the order.
best wishes,

I Love It!


You knocked it out of the park! The fit is perfect. The color is incredible. I carried it all weekend and didn't even know that I had it on. This is my favorite one yet!


Thanks again!
Carey D.

Beautiful IWB holster - Browning 1911 380


Thanks for the beautiful IWB holster you made for our Browning 1911 380 pistol from an order at the recent Denver Tanner gun show. It has a great fit and finish, as expected, just like the holster you made for my XDm.


My wife will be the primary user and this will make a nice holster for her right hip.


Occasionally, when I am on my mountain bike in shorts and a T-Shirt and want something less than my full-sized Kimber, this will work great as a small of back holster (I am a lefty).


I particularly like the way that the top of your holster completely encloses / shrouds the ambidextrous safety and provides a nice continuity and flow for a cover garment.


The BEST HOLSTERS i have ever used!

Hi there,
I need an OWB holster for a Ruger GP100 with a 4 inch barrel. I gotta say I love your work. I have 2 of your holsters already, for my 1911 and my Glock 19. They are the best holsters I have ever used. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

I am also interested in an IWB holster for my Glock 19


Answer to my problem

A couple of years ago, my dad gave me his Colt 1911A1 that he carried when he was with the Marines in the Pacific during WWII.


His eyesight had deteriorated to the point he could no longer shoot. I became a 1911 enthusiast and decided to make it my carry weapon. Not wanting to chance losing this particular gun, I shopped around and finally settled on a Sig 1911 C3. When I went to purchase a holster, I found the Sig 1911 has a wider slide than a “conventional” 1911 and would not fit any of the standard 1911 holsters. I queried Sig and got a long list of holster manufacturers. From this I found that only custom houses could help and all of them wanted me to ship the gun to them which I did not want to do. So, I posted my problem to the USCCA member forum. I got lots of good advice but only one real lead.


A gentlemen named Michael Kole responded that he could make a holsterfor me without shipping the gunto him. With some trepidation, I decidedto give it a try. What a wonderfulsurprise! The holster is very wellmade and fits the C3 exactly. I nowhave both cross-draw and strong-sideC3 holsters from Michael, as well as acouple for a Ruger SP-101 and plansto get a couple for a Sig P-232 in thenear future.


– John Platt, PE, Cat Spring, Texas

I always come back to Michael Kole's Holsters

I have purchased 8 or 9 holsters from Michael, I get stupid sometimes and buy a holster elswhere and always end up buying one that actually fits, works, and is comforatable from Michael, Dont waste money, just buy from Michael the first time and you will be happy.

These are by far the best holsters I have found and I travel a lot.


Chris C.

Quality Workmanship

Mike Kole makes custom leather goods including wallets, belts, purses and holsters.  My dad and I stopped in so that *I* could check out some of the holsters hanging on the wall, but it was my dad that walked out with two new holsters for a 1911 and a Colt Single Action Army.

While we were there, one of his regular customers stopped in who had great things to say about the quality of the workmanship. My dad said his holsters fit nicely once he got home and had the chance to check them out.


Scott J. - San Diego, CA

Top Quality

I have purchased four of Michael’s holsters (at gun shows), all are top quality, durable with heavy stitching and comfortable to wear.


Will buy others as the need arises.


Ron G.

3 Already

I have a 1911 Range Officer that I'm finally able to get a custom holster for. I've gotten three from you to date so immediately thought of you.

Kel S.


Mr. Kole,

My name is Rick and I live in Frederick Colorado...just down the road from you.  We have met at a couple of gun shows here at the outlet mall and down in the Springs and I'm sure that you do not remember meeting me.  I recently acquired a S&W .40 "The Shield" and would like to buy a concealed holster for it from you.  I bought a holster from you about 2 years ago for my LCP and just love the way it fits, looks and rides on my belt.

Rick S.


Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome holster for my FNX 45, saw you at your booth at the Loveland gun show a few months back and bought a holster and belt from you, they are lasting and are worth every penny. Snug enough to feel like passive retention and yet just right so I can draw quick with a smooth decent tug. Leather work is great too. I beat the crap out of leather, I get in and out of a vehicle with it daily for work, No one else makes a holster for the FNX yet.


Only the best!

Hi there.  I wasn't sure on the title but my boyfriend always says your holsters are the best. Here is my testimonial:

"Only the best"

I have been wanting to get a holster of quality for my Kimber 9mm, however I have searched for months now and have been unsuccessful.  I was referred to Mike Kole by my boyfriend who swears by his holster that he purchased at a gun show from Mike.  I visited Mike Kole's website and found exactly what I wanted.  That evening I emailed him with questions.  Within an hour he replied and told me to call him the next day.  I informed my boyfriend that I contacted Mike and I would be placing my order with him.  The next day, on my lunch break, I called Mike and we talked for quite some time.  He explained the quality of his holsters and the leather that they use.  When it came time to place my order, he said, "We are all out of leather at this time and are waiting for a shipment from Belgium.  I will call you in 10 days for a credit card number to finish your order."  Of course, eager to get my holster, I was a little bummed.  I spoke with my boyfriend later that evening and told him what Mike said.  His response, "sometimes you have to wait for the best."
Saturday came around and we were loading up the truck to go out shooting that morning and I mentioned, "Why hasn't Mike called me yet for my holster?"  My boyfriend states, "he said 10 days!"  Later that evening we went to get the mail and there was a box, addressed to me, from MIKE!!!  A huge smile came on my face as I ripped the box open.  Then it hit me, I was played the whole time!  My boyfriend immediately contacted Mike when I initially emailed him stating he wanted to purchase the holster and to make up some story to buy time.... needless to say, he did!  I couldn't be more pleased with my new holster!  Its exactly what I wanted, color and everything.  Thank you to Mike Kole for your hospitality and quality of work- I am one happy customer!  

Andrea D.

Love It!

I have a couple of your holster's and love them. I now need one of your
units for my XDs in .45 and a mag pouch.

Scott P., Ft Collins

Couldn't be happier!

Could not be happier with my Michael Cole Custom holster for my S & W .40

STEVEN H., Satellite Beach, FL

Holster that fits!

Hello, I met you at a Denver gun show and you convinced me instead of finding a smaller pistol to find a holster to fit me.  Thank you, best decision ever!  I have 2 more pistols I'd like holsters for.